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The Wellness Makeover

A mind/body holistic approach integrating functional nutrition and emotional energy practices.

A holistic mind/body approach integrating lifestyle practices, functional nutrition and emotional energy  practices.

. I specialize in an integrative approach to mind/body health makeovers for women who are passionate about creating a focused, preventative anti- aging lifestyle based on sound natural and holistic principles. Do you know that your hormonal status can be a signal of premature aging?Most people think of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone as the anti-aging hormones. However , those hormones are interdependent on the functioning of other hormones including  insulin, cortisol, vitamin D, DHEA,  pregnenolone, TSH, T3,T4 and leptin to name a few.

You may notice a decrease in energy, skin suppleness, weight gain, muscle loss and mood changes. The lack of sleep, unresolved and ongoing stress effects all body systems and hormones.  Most of what we label as aging is truly premature aging resulting from flawed information, excesses, deficiencies, toxins, stressed emotions and lifestyle issues.  The results are disrupted hormonal and nutritional imbalances fat storage and the decline of health.

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Do you know that your aches , pains,   hormonal imbalances, depression and anxiety are all related to memories stored in various areas of your body powered by  beliefs formed before you were 7 years old? Do you know that your nutritional excesses and deficiencies , gut and heart are involved in regulating all hormones and neurotransmitters?  Nothing happens in isolation-you are a whole person since mind/body and spiritual essences are all synergistically connected. 

Visualize yourself feeling and looking vibrant and in control of your life and health.  

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Meet Dr. Margaitis PhD LCSW CNC

Prior to opening her private practice, Dr. Margaitis served as a biology and life sciences educator in area schools.  I specialize in lifestyle and wellness makeovers for those who are passionate and motivated to prevent premature aging and delay and minimize development of degenerative health conditions. Dr. Margaitis has been in private practice for 25+ years. Current and past clients include Fortune 500 companies and the general public. Community service has always been important. The Area Health Education Counsel invited Dr. Margaitis to present educational teaching seminars for area health professionals including naturopaths, nurses, therapists, and related medical staff. Patricia  also presented numerous public workshops specializing in women’s holistic health, natural hormone balance and fundamental mind/ /body/spiritual practices. Dr. Patricia produced and hosted the very popular Personal Life Coach Radio on international internet  radio. Guests included Suzanne Somers, Dr.  Bruce Lipton, Dr. Amen, Dr. Brownstein, Dr. Candace Pert and many other leaders in the healing arts. Dr. Patricia has been interviewed on radio and local tv. Patricia earned her PhD in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College, earned an Herbalist Certificate and is certified in Reiki l and ll. Patricia is currently a member of the A4M fellowship program and a member of the Forever Health Practitione Network. Patricia enjoys fingerstyle guitar, the beautiful organic gardens and playing catch with Zeke, the world’s happiest dog. 

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 Your mind/body health is dependent on your emotional energy. Most practitioners ignore that and people don't ever really get well.. Learn about  your emotional energy and wellness. Dr. Patricia is here for you. 

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Anti-aging wellness makeover

Elements of the wellness makeover


 .It is well established that a plan consisting of specific foods, nutrients and lifestyle practices can help to restore foundational digestive and endocrine gland function enabling the balancing of hormonal production.  

 • Simple and basic exercise is required for hormonal balance while preserving muscle mass to prevent fat storage and the decline of health.

  • Learn how your thoughts and beliefs formed early in life are influencing your health, behavior and choices today. Let's explore your emotional energy to locate the cause of mind/body imbalances.

 • Learn about simple metabolic and hormonal testing to plan your holistic and balanced makeover


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